Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Me and my Robert

These are a couple pictures Robert and I took in Photobooth that I sketched out.  I think my favsie is the second one, our faces are priceless!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Lots and lots of cat sweatshirts to be made!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Trusting Trust
by Alex Mobley

trust can be ambitiously attained
never easy to keep maintained
some find it simple to forgive
others never again want to relive
betrayal that runs nearly as deep
as secrets that have begun to seep
out of mouths that hold nothing back
seeing your mind being internally hacked
or maybe deception causes the aching
thinking something but instead faking
the world is full of cheats and liars
people who mislead with their desires
proof of this in their actions
brought out by life's dissatisfaction
that forces us to lose our hope
those to get back on the upward slope
leading away from created imagination
toward the real persons true narration
unless these peoples trust was lost
way back when your two path's crossed
the claims were made with such conviction
that never was there a contradiction
to second guess their one strong vow
thinking forever but ending now
the trust was built from many years
wasted sharing our loves and fears
forgiveness may not happen quick
but hatred shouldn't ever stick
with those who shared lots of fun
before the trust had come undone

Friday, November 25, 2011


I also just put t-shirts in the store!

Store Discount!

For this crazy shopping weekend, use "FIREsale" 
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Happy shopping!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

This is What I am Thankful For

 My Family
Where do I even begin with them?  I am thankful for my parents who have supported me my entire life and never let me give up on my dreams.  When I wanted to be a rockstar they bought me a guitar, when I wanted to be a director they bought me a camera and supported me when I went to film school and when I decided to move thousands of miles away from them, they let me go.  They are the most wonderful people in the world!  My brothers, Alex and Kevin, are two awesome guys who I miss very much.  I absolutely love getting a poem from Alex each week and the occasional picture message from Kevin of my little dog Weezer.  I’m so proud of them for sticking with school and I know they’re going to do great things!  And last but not least, my sister Leanne who is my best friend and even though we drive each other a little crazy sometimes, I very much living with her because, among other things, we had the best dance parties!

A year ago I had no idea that I would one day meet someone that would make such a big impact on my life in such a short amount of time.  I feel so lucky that we met and that I get to spend every day with him.  He puts up with me when I get a little crazy (which happens less with him around) and lifts me up when I feel down.  I can’t (or least I try not to) imagine what my life would be like without him.  I am also thankful for our little home that we have built together; it has been a fantastic escape from work and the outside world.

And finally, my health, my job, everyone who supports the Dainty Librarian Store in one way or another and, of course, all you readers!  Thanks for checking in with me and leaving comments (it always brings a smile to my face).  It’s because of you that I keep on keepin’ on!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of yummy food!  I know I will!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The East Side

On Saturday Robert and I wandered the East Side which, if you don't know much about Austin, is not the best part of town.  The weird thing about it is the eclectic mix of low income houses with newly developed condos that are super swank and old historic houses.  It's interested to see all that it has to offer in just one short block.  We were there for the East Austin Studio Tour where over a hundred artist studios and galleries are open to show off work and work spaces.  It's incredible!
A wishing tree outside the library.
Hello kitty bounce house outside Raquel's Party Land (they also had a Bud Lite Pinata!)
Seed bombs and grenades, you just throw it down and let the seeds grow.
A yarn covered deer head.
This house used to be Robert's Grandma's house, now it is going to be a B&B.  I hope the guests have a good time there since he said it's haunted!
Strange puppet heads.
After a good long walk we went the Cherrywood Cafe for a beer.  Yummy!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

California Dreamin'

Was I really in California or was it just a dream?  Here are some more photos from our trip via Robert's film camera.  We somehow managed to forget that we dropped off the film a week ago and therefore, just picked it up.  I like how his photos are a little washed out, making it feel dreamy.  I wish we could go back...

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

XX and XY
by Alex Mobley

There are a few differences between us
some would say it starts with the penis
but it's not just in the genitalia
that makes us two separate mammalia
in the womb we share subtle traits
until our bodies can no longer wait
we see the world through different eyes
adjusting through puberty to our surprise
growing up in two opposite styles
gaining confidence with each smile
we grasp ideas at our own speed
to each a skill helping us succeed
math and numbers for the males
most everything else for the females
once considered the "better" gender
the mens title must now be surrendered
equal parts on either side
it may hurt every xy's pride
but its what the world is destined for
a dominant sex isn't right anymore
maybe now we can all be friends
see everything through a similar lens
it might not happen in this generation
though we must make the accommodations

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heaven is...

a vintage store packed with clothes.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Never Ending Searching for Vonnegut

I have started a quest.  It began as a need to read all of Kurt Vonnegut's books, which turned into wanting to own a copy of each book he has written, which has turned into wanting a copy of each edition that was published of each book, which has finally become wanting to own every different cover of every book he's written.  I've got a lot of work to do, there are many books and so many different covers!  In case you are wondering which ones I have or you want to help me on my mission, I put a link off to the left called "Vonnegut Book List" and I will be updating it as my collection grows.
The ones I have...


Do you collect anything?  This is my first collection so if you have any tips, let me know!

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