Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parent's Week Continues...

Even though my parents are on vacation, my mom insists on scrubbing everything in our apartment, and my dad has fixed our car, my bike, and the refrigerator door.  Love them!  Besides that, we've continued our adventures in food and drink in Austin.

Advertised as"A donut the size of your head!"

Juan in a Million for lunch.  Muy Bien!

We found the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue for my dad who's a big fan.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day at the Park

My parents are here!  I'm so excited that after not seeing them for two months, they've made their way to Austin in their pimpin' minivan.  Last night we made them dinner and then saw "Easy A" at the Alamo Draft House, along with a beer.  Then went to the Spider House Cafe for drinks.

Today we headed south for some miniature golfing at the Peter Pan Put Put Course, I almost beat my dad.  Then to Zilker Park to ride the Zilker Zephyr.  What a day!  We've still got lots planned for tonight and the rest of their stay here.

 Leanne assesses the situation.

 The course is a lot harder than it looks. 

The Zephyr!

 Tunnel vision.

A nice cool treat.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit to the Post Office

Even though the post office is closed today, Leanne and I wandered over for a little photo shoot so I could show off one of the dresses that will be available in the store once it opens.  Leanne named it "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Dress" because the pattern reminds her of a lion's mane.  I think it's perfect, not only because of the pattern, but because it was my favorite book when I was younger.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pet Festival

Today Leanne and I wandered over to San Marcos, TX for the Pet Festival.  There were two events that really justified the 45 minute drive down there; the look-alike contest and the wiener dog and chihuahua races.  We even brought our little corgi, Douglas, along for the ride!

Douglas was ready to go!  

Leanne and Douglas listening to the live music.
 So many little puppies!

Their hats were fabulous.

 Loves it!

 Douglas made a friend.

 And another.

 He really wanted to go swimming.

What a day for our little Douglas.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cardboard & Felt on a Rainy Day

My sister and I both got our degrees in Film Production with an emphasis in Production Design, so we were very excited to design and build a Dainty Library set for the store.

Leanne gets started cutting the boxes.

It was raining so hard that day.  We had to carefully time loading and unloading the cardboard boxes from our car as to not get them wet.

Working hard cutting the books.

Working hard on growing a unibrow.

Getting there...

Workin' the jumbo glue stick.

The last piece to the puzzle.

All done!  Weeeeee!

It was a lot of work, mostly a lot of fighting with cardboard, but we finished it after just a couple of days.  Hopefully soon we'll be making some more pieces to accompany it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Dainty Librarian Vintage Blog

I'm so excited to announce that after a lot of preparation, 
the Dainty Librarian Vintage store will be open on October 1!

This blog will be a place where you will find:
  • previews of new inventory before it hits the store
  • special offers and discounts only advertised here
  • behind the scenes pictures and info about the store and owner
Please check back often!  Thanks for your support!