Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

XX and XY
by Alex Mobley

There are a few differences between us
some would say it starts with the penis
but it's not just in the genitalia
that makes us two separate mammalia
in the womb we share subtle traits
until our bodies can no longer wait
we see the world through different eyes
adjusting through puberty to our surprise
growing up in two opposite styles
gaining confidence with each smile
we grasp ideas at our own speed
to each a skill helping us succeed
math and numbers for the males
most everything else for the females
once considered the "better" gender
the mens title must now be surrendered
equal parts on either side
it may hurt every xy's pride
but its what the world is destined for
a dominant sex isn't right anymore
maybe now we can all be friends
see everything through a similar lens
it might not happen in this generation
though we must make the accommodations


  1. Wow, that's graphic! Nicely done.

  2. I guess I did get a little pg-13 action on this one.


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