Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The East Side

On Saturday Robert and I wandered the East Side which, if you don't know much about Austin, is not the best part of town.  The weird thing about it is the eclectic mix of low income houses with newly developed condos that are super swank and old historic houses.  It's interested to see all that it has to offer in just one short block.  We were there for the East Austin Studio Tour where over a hundred artist studios and galleries are open to show off work and work spaces.  It's incredible!
A wishing tree outside the library.
Hello kitty bounce house outside Raquel's Party Land (they also had a Bud Lite Pinata!)
Seed bombs and grenades, you just throw it down and let the seeds grow.
A yarn covered deer head.
This house used to be Robert's Grandma's house, now it is going to be a B&B.  I hope the guests have a good time there since he said it's haunted!
Strange puppet heads.
After a good long walk we went the Cherrywood Cafe for a beer.  Yummy!
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  1. Seed bombs? Austin? Yes, please! I adore Austin...and this post about the East Side.

    Lovely blog to have stumbled upon.

  2. East Austin is simultaneously marvelous and terrifying.


Thank you for putting a smile on my face!