Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Trusting Trust
by Alex Mobley

trust can be ambitiously attained
never easy to keep maintained
some find it simple to forgive
others never again want to relive
betrayal that runs nearly as deep
as secrets that have begun to seep
out of mouths that hold nothing back
seeing your mind being internally hacked
or maybe deception causes the aching
thinking something but instead faking
the world is full of cheats and liars
people who mislead with their desires
proof of this in their actions
brought out by life's dissatisfaction
that forces us to lose our hope
those to get back on the upward slope
leading away from created imagination
toward the real persons true narration
unless these peoples trust was lost
way back when your two path's crossed
the claims were made with such conviction
that never was there a contradiction
to second guess their one strong vow
thinking forever but ending now
the trust was built from many years
wasted sharing our loves and fears
forgiveness may not happen quick
but hatred shouldn't ever stick
with those who shared lots of fun
before the trust had come undone


  1. I like this one brother :)

  2. Thanks sister. I started reading the book you got me and it has basically told me that every way in which I write is wrong. It's pretty hilarious haha


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