Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

In an Attempt
by Alex Mobley

I stare at you in class
not in some creepy way
because you stare back at me
we play this little game
like little scared kids
unable to stop the silence
or break the lock between our eyes
we don't know each others name
but we've learned our facial expressions
you bite your lip when excited
wink just to throw me off
thats the few I know
because I think we think alike
but I can't be for certain
we are two different people
what I see as playful
you may interpret different
you bite your lip when nervous
wink at the person next to me
stare blankly in my direction
never actually looking at me
I may be completely wrong
but I am too afraid to ask
for fear of losing this feeling
with the truth that I am crazy
making up my own reality
to adjust what has been
a long time spent alone
tomorrow will bring an answer
when we finally speak
my name is... 
what is your name?


Thank you for putting a smile on my face!