Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Evening Special

If the World was Fair
by Alex Mobley

if the world was fair
i would be the mayor
the one who calls the shots
the one who plots the spots
for things to start anew
when everything has come unglued
from the downfall of all kinds
to the revival of the signs
that this will work out for the best
instead of praying to be blessed

if the world was fair
I wouldnt have to stare
she would automatically assume
I wanted to be the groom
and her to be my bride
to stand side by side
as we accepted our small bands
placed upon each others hands
forever we would be
together just you and me
as simple as it sounds
the answer you have found
it doesn't end up great
for that is not our fate
alone we both shall stand
apart in our own dreamland

if the world was fair
i'd be the tortoise not the hare
slow and steady may win the race
but the one who controls the pace
owns the title in this town
placed upon his head a crown
from past successes at the top
never slowing when told stop
thus the leader he shall stay
until someone finds a better way

if the world was fair
i would be a billionaire
not struggling just to get by
with bills five miles high
of expenses that wont be paid
without something I could trade
for my soul would be taken
if I were not mistaken 
for somebody with clear sights
to reach the highest heights
instead of trapped under a lie
I will have til the day I die

if the world was fair
I might accept that dare
challenge myself to be great
stray away from all the hate
coursing through my veins
straight into my brains
releasing it to the world
as it was hurled
back into the face
of those who have disgraced
your name for their own gain
so they could rain
down on your parade
while you disobeyed
everything you were told
no longer am I cold

if the world was fair
I might sit in the chair
taking the verbal abuse
as I become the accused
for a crime I had no part
a villain from the start
stuck with the feel of guilt
the case they had built
made me seem like the crook
my whole world shook
rooted up from underground
all the way til the final sound
not guilty was the claim
no longer to be blamed

if the world was fair
I might actually care
that my life was getting better
while typing every letter
that makes up this simple poem
still I must show them
what is the reason for all this
to which it does consist
of everything I had dreamed
from weeks old it seemed
what is it you wonder?
the sky you must look under
for it holds the simple truth
the answer is in your youth


  1. I love how this one reads like a song. Any chance you've got music along with it somewhere in your head?

  2. What's funny is that when I read it, I read it the same way. And there might be a jingle going along with that, but it hasn't been perfected yet. If you got any ideas you know I would be more than willing to hear them.

  3. It's kind of like a take on the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice." Maybe I could try a little tune with my glock or organ.

  4. Do it! That would be awesome


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