Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Night at Hopfields...

Robert and I have had quite a few obsessions during our time together.  There was the mochi ice cream phase, the baguette, goat cheese, and wine phase, the Phil's Ice House mini burger phase, the Wheatsville Co-Op sandwich phase (I think we're still in that one) and finally, the Live Oak Primus phase.  We accidentally came across the Primus when we went to the Yellow Jacket Social Club and they were out of the Live Oak Hefeweizen, the bartender suggested we try the Primus and we reluctantly agreed.  Man we were surprised at how yummy it was! I'm not a beer snob by any means, it wasn't until somewhat recently that I started being able to decipher between the different flavors and find some that I actually enjoy.   Unfortunately for us, the Primus is a seasonal beer and was tapped out at Yellow Jacket only a few weeks after our discovery.  When we were driving up Guadalupe the other day (leaving Wheatsville after getting some sandwiches) I noticed a bar that I had not seen before, Hopfields.  Robert checked out their website when we got home and immediately noticed our glorious beer, the Primus, was on tap.  You bet your butt we drove right back there and got us some!

Even though this place is kind of small and there are always a lot of people in it, the ambiance is very nice.  There are vintage relics scattered about and the menu is written on a huge scroll that hangs almost from the floor to the ceiling.  Robert and I were lucky to snag a little two seater corner booth right near the entry.  We could see who was coming and going, weren't far from the bar, and didn't have to rub elbows with the big crowd. Purrrfection!

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  1. Looks like fun! You'll have to take me there the next time I'm in town. Also, love your red blazer!


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