Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Me Inside My Mind

I sit alone in the rain
water drips down my face     
questioning life and its mystery
what brought me right here
did my own mind tell me
was it something subconscious
guessing gets me nowhere
I must find the answers 
die willingly in the process
my choice is not my own
I was told exactly what to do
but not by anybody I know
its the person in my head
he doesn't have a name
but he shares all his knowledge
with me and my actions
he tells me to move my legs
opens my eyes after sleep
processes all information
think about his power
how can he control me
is free will not free anymore
can he even be stopped
stress makes him angry
love makes him happy
depression he has avoided
since the day I learned of him
magical he is most likely not
impressive none the less
who is this unknowing he
he is me inside my mind
the one who controls all this
not some figment in the sky
simply me inside my mind

Another splendid poem by my brother Alex.


  1. Marvelous! I think you're building up a nice collection of "meaning of life" poems.

  2. Apparently meaning of life and love poems are all I know how to write. Who knew? :)

  3. I love coming in to work every monday morning and reading these. Thanks for sharing.


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