Monday, October 24, 2011


Robert's Red Dinosaur
Halloween is almost upon us, do you know what you're going to be?  I came up with the idea of Robert and I being dinosaurs, originally we were going to be Daria and Trent, but this is way more fun!  I made us these awesome hoodies (who would have thought it would be so hard to find a cheap purple hoodie?) and I'm going to be rocking some purple pants and shoes too!  
My purple dinosaur with black glittery spikes!

Even more exciting is that Robert and I will be spending Halloween in California!  We've got a lot of ground to cover, but we will definitely be in LA, Long Beach, and even Las Vegas!  I can't wait to get some pictures of us in our costumes, it'd be awesome to wear them to the airport, but I think we'd get searched!

The original drawing, I think I got pretty close!
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