Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Over and Under

sleep is so overrated
this topic is always debated
it takes up half of your time
yet never repays you a dime
8 hours is considered the norm
but 6 is more true to form
just as 10 would be greatly accepted
much less is more commonly expected
see sleep is a simple luxury
fitting into your schedule structurally
effected on a daily basis
recognizable in each others faces
sometimes you just lay in bed
waiting for your eyes to roll back in your head
crazy thoughts floating through your mind
while you try to slowly unwind
relaxing as you drift off to sleep
but awoken by the slightest peep
which makes you start this all again
and as you think you can never win
your thoughts are clear and you begin to write
a poem about this one crazy night
where everything has become conclusive
the answer is no longer elusive
as the first line of this poem has stated
sleep is so underrated

Another great poem from my little brother, Alex.

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