Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Like Me and You (Live, Laugh, Love).  

so what I jumped the gun
got way ahead of myself
what did you want me to do
hide my feelings on the shelf?
you know thats not my style
I always speak the truth
no need to waste our time
or any of our youth
maybe it was not fair
for me to put it all on you
I had hoped for the best
things to start again brand new
but we weren't on the same page
at least not at first
it wasn't just one thing
though my timing was the worst
you didn't want what I did
but I needed that to change
I couldn't live like this
everything felt so strange
without you in my life
I lost the will to smile
but I cant just blame you
for my own failed trial

Live like there is no tomorrow 
Laugh like you cant help it
Love like there is nothing better
In this world like me and you

3 years later and I cant fight it
I wanted the best of this 
nothing short of pure amazing
I was in it for the bliss
you brought back so many things
I thought were lost inside
now back out in the open
they can never run and hide
yet do I know the real feelings
that were there so long ago
are they even the same ones
hidden so deep below
buried never to be found
maybe thats what's best
I just wont believe it
my love must be expressed
through these words I say to you
I know how this will end
what started as almost nothing 
and continued to transcend
into what we have now
I hope you can agree
with just one question I have for you
Will you Marry Me?

Another great poem from my little brother Alex.

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