Friday, August 19, 2011

Disappearing Act

You may be wondering why I suddenly fell off the edge of the planet.  Oh darlings there is too much to tell...

It started when I found out that my old roommate (of sorts) said that she was going to shut off the internet in our place.  Fair enough, she doesn't live here anymore and it's in her name.  I assumed that I could give AT&T a call and get the name switched.  Well, after a 30 minute call (for most of which I was on hold) I found out that they would have to turn her service off, then turn on ours.  Also they had to send me a new modem and router because our region had changed or something.  They gave me a big ole window of time (between 12 and 4) that a guy would stop by and switch it over.  That was on Monday.

Apparently the tech came over around 5:30 looking like he was on something, told Robert that the Sales department could have done this from their office and that they were lazy.  He said he had to go to the AT&T building (which is literally two minutes from our house) and switch it over and then he would call. We never heard from that guy again.  Robert called AT&T and got transferred 4 different times to 4 different departments before someone said that it would be fixed by noon the next day.  He got the direct number of the last person he talked to so he could call them back.  That's when they said they would upgrade our internet speed for the next six months for free.

Noon came and went without the little internet light lighting up on our modem.  Robert called again and was given the run around AGAIN.  Poor guy had spent a total of 3 hours on the phone with them already and every time he was transferred somewhere new he had to re-explain our situation. They apologized and said that they would send us a new modem that would get here in two business days (that wouldn't be until Monday!).  Luckily my dearest Robert took charge and demanded that someone come over tonight so they did!  A tech who wasn't high came over and fixed it all up and now here I am!

What I learned:
1. It's ok to get angry with people on the phone.  I'm usually very polite and too nice to say anything, but if Robert wouldn't have laid down the law and raised his voice a little, we still wouldn't have service.
2. Get the name, department and direct phone number of every person you talk to and any service tech that comes to your house.  They will bounce you all over the place and even send you to the same department twice.
3. Know when to walk away. Robert and I were ready to cancel service and switch to Time Warner if we didn't get internet that night.

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