Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World Wide Web Wednesday

  • Today is the first official day of Girls Scout Cookie 2011 season.  Oh how I love a good Thin Mint!
  • This DIY fabric wall decal  might pop up in my apartment soon.
  • Looking for a friend?  These people will be your besties (as long as you don't mind a little tough love).
  • Miniature things are always so much more interesting.  This website will make your photos look oh so tiny.  I've found that pictures of landscapes taken from above tend to have the best results.
  • I thought people were acting a little crazy when they were mad that their zodiac sign had changed, until I found out that I am now a Gemini.  Wha wha.  Here's an article on how to deal with the zodiac change.
  • If it's the cold whether that's really getting you down, then this article might be of more help.  Lucky for me it's warming up here in Austin.
  • PANDA CAM! Because, well, why not?
  • Feeling like you're missing something? Perhaps it's a connection.  Even if you're not, it will provide you with hours of interesting reading.
  • Don't we all need more bling in our lives? It's slightly ridiculous and totally awesome!
  • Appreciate a witty sense of humor and wikipedia?  Head over to the Uncyclopedia for wonderful articles on just about everything. One of my favorite articles is the one about fields, where I learned that:
It is a little known fact that fields were first developed by Chuck Norris in roughly 2000 BC. Over the next 4000ish years the cocept of fields was exported first to Greater Europa, and then to the brabarian lands of EastasiaOceania and Eurasia.
Thank you World Wide Web for all your outstanding websites.

It's always a gamble trying to find something truly amazing online.

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