Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December, how did you get here so soon?

November when by in a flash!  It will be Christmas before we know it and I'll be in California for the first time since I left (I guess it hasn't been that long).  I spent most of yesterday watching documentaries trying to be productive, but it just wasn't happening.  My apartment was nice and warm so I assumed it was nice and warm outside and went out to take some pictures.  I was very wrong and could hardly wait for the self timer on this one picture before I dashed back inside.  At least I got one because I wanted to show off this necklace that I sort of crafted together.  I've been wanting some stone jewelry so I was really excited to find this faux stone at Joann's for only $3!  I just took a little fishing wire and attached it to this necklace I bought a little bit ago at Target (also on sale for only $3).  Loves it!

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