Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Versatility: A Girl's Best Friend

We all know that the best pieces are the ones you can wear with anything.  But another things that's really great is a piece that can be worn several different ways.  I found this dress and instantly fell in love with the print.  I've never seen anything like it, there seems to be some sort of padding in the collar to keep it up.  After playing with it a little, I was finding it hard to figure out which side was the front and what was the back.  After a lot of back and forth I figured it out and also realized that it didn't matter because this dress could be worn a couple different ways.  I think my favorite is folding down the collar and unzipping it a bit.  It'll be available in the store tomorrow and I can't wait for someone to buy it and find some more ways to wear it!
The back slightly unzipped.
The back zipped up.

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  1. What an incredible piece! I adore your blog. Vintage to the max.

    So glad I found it. Followin' for sure :D


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