Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

Dreaming Nightmares
by Alex Mobley

The emotion that's lost
with each lasting breath
falls back into place
as you drift off to sleep
danger clouds judgement
between nightmares and dreams
separating the two 
from one simple manifestation
what once reminded you
that things were so simple
now blinds any true sight
crashes through smiles
dims the bright light
which started this utterance
its mere blabbering of thought
can't be translated
into actual meaning
or recognizable sentences
scrambled in a moment
only clear during sleep
vivid as could possibly be
no memory or recollection
as your eyes slowly wake
and wish that just one time
everything could be expressed
not broken down into fragments
that make absolutely no sense
stolen by some significant force
needing it for its own
to postulate and perpetrate
the one who has taken
all the memories from your sleep
to live out some random life
where there is no control
no order or meaning
no rhyme and no reason
just a collection of actions
created in the mind
that could be reality
but has not yet been considered
another life that we live
as we reenergize for what's real

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