Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

Steps Never Taken
by Alex Mobley

This is the first and last
time that you will see
anything that reminds you
of anyone but me
is it possible to live 
and die all alone
crushed by fallen dreams
saved by broken bones
do you believe it true
that this is your one true need
to live, laugh and love
and plant your eternal seed
break out of your box
crawl out of your shell
do things the way you like
don't just follow the bell
that controls the things you do
and take away your thought
controls your every move
even the way your taught
there is something you can change
a way to right a wrong
just follow your own path
and stay up all night long
question your own being 
stall from being drone
explore what is your life
don't become a clone
in this messed up world 
that controls every last step
from birth until the day
you take your final breath

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