Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

Where is my Motivation?
by Alex Mobley

There is a hill in the distance
that I want to climb
at the top stands a prize
something I can't yet reach
between me and that hill
there are many obstacles
some that will test my will
strength and perseverance
can I reach the top?
the answer is unclear now
this journey has not begun
yet it is near its end
the hill moves every second
as if it is unattainable
unable to be approached
incapable of being climbed
not by me or any other
but it is so inviting
green, and covered with flowers
flowers that smell wonderful
when will I reach this hill
without moving forward I can't
I wont ever reach it
never be able to climb to the peak
reach for that prize
know that what I did to get here
was merely a test asked of me
by myself 
a motivation that had to be found
only within me
not forced out by others
where do I find it
thats for you to learn
but without that hill
it wont be easy to know


  1. Brother, you have so perfectly expressed my current state of mind. This is hands down my favorite poem so far. You rock.

  2. Thank you sister. It fits my state of mind as well which is why I had to write it.


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