Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

Dealing with Life
By Alex Mobley

Don't ever break the silence
it will only bring on violence
created by the masses 
until it one day crashes
taking all their lives
or maybe just their minds
altered from a place
that brings about a space
where all is what we want
nothing too much to flaunt
showing off our skills
that burns and rots and kills
the things that are not a need
for there is no such greed
to be out of the norm
showing an unruly form
such as isms concerning race
sex, age or saving face
nothing can stop this land
becoming a national brand
others continue to trail
with most about to fail
because we can not help
just talk and scream and yelp
to convince to start anew 
with their own chance to brew
a step up in common life
needed to keep the knife
out of hands showing blood
avoiding the final flood
making life a little tougher
but ending the lasting suffer

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