Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

by Alex Mobley

There is nothing like it
that feeling you get
when you finally realize
what you have is real
not some fairy tale hoax
or rom-com falsehood
from your feet
all the way to your head
you know that it's right
you can never live without it
it drags you out of bed
makes you want to smile
gets you through the tough times
even ones they cause
scream it because you can
tell all of your friends
what they wish they had
but some have not felt
the way you do inside
the way you do outside
it's impossible to explain
even those who have tried
still get caught up in the lore
the word has real meaning
but the emotion is what gets
everything out in the open
cherish it while you can
take in every single moment
you don't know how lucky you are
it doesn't disappear
it grows with time
it can run so deep
that no matter what happens
it's impossible to rid
yeah it's called love
but like I said
the word is just one thing
it carries meaning 
that only you two share
because you created it
and it will live with you
forever and always

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