Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

by Alex Mobley

visions are like dreams
happening while your awake
more relevant than day dreams
insanity is at stake
delusional you must be
if drugs are not the cause
those things that you see
create your hearts first pause
don't let this stop your breath
or danger will come next
not solely with your death
but in a similar context
trapped in invisible walls
you have never been a mime
this comes from withdrawals 
of not doing it in time
get help right away
seek out those who care
in the end it just may
seem like truth or dare
can you trust those who matter
dare yourself to make change
avoid the useless chatter
attempt to rearrange
the clutter in your life
with freedom of thought
removing the bloodied knife
from the good fight you fought


  1. I love it! Very dark and moody. It seems like you're trying new things each week which is awesome. Keep experimenting!

  2. yeah I am trying to stay away from the darker stuff, but that doesn't seem to be happening haha. I am definitely trying new things, hopefully I can get some variety.


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