Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

How Big is Big?
by Alex Mobley

what if the earth was the size of a marble
would you think it was big or small
its always assumed to be so massive
but really its extremely little in comparison
we live on this giant globe
thats inside of an enormous solar system
which fits into an even larger galaxy
all a part of the biggest universe
we have no real size comparison
only what we see on a daily basis
truly we are but miniatures
in a endless outer space
how do we find our spot
in something so increasingly vast
can you make yourself stand out
become a remembered person
even after you move off this planet
is it all the little things you did
or just one big situational benefit
that you gave to all people
even those who claim to have it all
not everyone can change the world
but it's always possible to revolutionize
with the brain power that you possess
make it a priority to help everybody
even if everybody ends with yourself
the biggest differences can be small 
because size is tough to determine
without some kind of guide
to show what makes big, big
make change where it's necessary 
remembering that size truly doesn't matter


  1. Thinking big, brother. I especially like the end: "...size truly doesn't matter." I also like that the poem has two parts, from describing our place in the universe to questioning how we should spend our limited lifetimes. I highly recommend you read "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking, which talks all about the Big Bang and black holes and other amazing aspects of our universe!

  2. Thanks sister, I did try to do a sort of two part poem. I wanted it to lead one way and then end with a different thought. I will definitely need to check that book out. :D


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