Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Morning Special

It's Not What You Think
by Alex Mobley

It's back
that feeling I have missed
too many years gone by
but here it is again
smiling from ear to ear
laughter all the time
nothing quite competes
with that special saying
sing it from the rooftops
or whisper it to them
no matter how it comes out
make sure they can hear
not everyone gets this chance
once in a lifetime if at all
never be afraid to wonder
about the reciprocation
feel this in your heart
slightly in your mind
lead with what feels right
try to stay composed
don't just let it out
stumbling to the punch
gather yourself 
and say what you mean
I Love You, is not it
for that would be too easy
a story old as time
this is my own life
what needs to be said is...
this relationship is over
not because of failure
but simple change of sight
so why am I so happy
I've broken out of nowhere
come back to my jolly self
less stress, anger, and hate
it just wasn't working out
like many of them do
but this time I ended it
which means I feel great


  1. Brother! I've missed your poems the last couple weeks. Thanks for starting my Saturday off right. This is my favorite of your "love poems". I especially like your use of ellipses.

  2. Thank you sister, I swear if it weren't for you and our other triplet I would never want to write anything. You make me feel special :)


Thank you for putting a smile on my face!