Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

My Dad's Dad
by Alex Mobley

By the time I was born
he had already past
a young man at his death
the loss came much too fast
I hear stories all the time
about the person I never knew
always having his camera ready
to get the best possible view
he lived like most people should
at least that's what I hear
being happy for the most part
sharing his love and joy and cheer
to me he is just a vision
but to some he was much more
that's why I wish I knew him
got the chance to learn and explore
what memories he can share
about my families history
some of which I have been told
others are still a mystery
what started the family business?
what was his childhood like?
what was his favorite food?
did he teach my dad to ride a bike?
just these simple questions
most of which could be explained
but not by him with his words
or the way in which he maintained
a few things are for certain
he has been sorely missed
even though he isn't still here
its obvious he still exists
see my life was definitely changed
before I was even living
because he taught my own dad
the same advice he's been giving


  1. Well said, brother. A very fitting tribute.

  2. Thanks. It's something I have been wanting to write for a while. Now I just gotta let Dad see it :D


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