Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Days of the Lost
by Alex Mobley

Something has gone wrong
This is not where I belong
I am in a different place
I am in another's space
What is going on 
This day it feels so long
it started just as any other
it ended much like another
these days are few and far between
I don't quite understand what they mean
I'm awoken from a middays nap
I can not shake this empty gap
its still not my reality
I will not believe it tragedy
crazed thoughts racing through my mind
what has caused this change in kind
is this only my own feeling
or is someone else's reeling
at this random mix-ed up day
that will not go away
This must be my own creation
a creative abomination
of life and liberty 
that led to this diversity
in the stagnant life i lead
that started as a seed
which light has made essential 
to reach its full potential
to have thoughts like my own
that i myself have grown
into an increasing fear
that might not yet be clear


  1. Awesome, brother. I think your abstract poems like this are your best.

  2. Thanks sister. Yeah, they are the most fun to write. Mostly because, I don't even know what I have written until I re-read the poem. It's fun.


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