Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Think Before You Act
by Alex Mobley

hate may be a strong word
but it's one that's often used
describing events occurred
leaving people broke and bruised
sticks they can hurt some
stones will tatter upon the rest
the beautiful and handsome
will be the most depressed
they don't compose the strong will
that nerds and geeks comprise
high school was their one thrill
they are soon to realize
the ones they called the outcasts
are soon to take control
if they only saw the forecast
found out their future role
dead end jobs they can partake
that lead them to the end
we pity those for their sake
trying never to offend
so where do i fit in to
it's hard to put up labels
with only one chance to redo 
my fate is not a fable
no creatures can take the place
of your own fallen dreams
step back and try to embrace
without expelling any screams

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