Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

There's Always a "But"

I see the world in color
but everything is black and white
I don't care what people think of me
but I need everyone to like me
I seek the chance to know all
but I can't be all knowing
I drink to dull the pain 
but it can't be masked forever
I fail while trying to succeed
but I succeed because I hate failing
I sleep only for the sake of living
but I worry so much I don't sleep
I am more talented than most people
but I am considered to be average
I never stress about the little things
but the little things are the most stressful
I bleed when I've been cut
but it's the emotional wounds that sting
I think that love can last forever
but it's near impossible to find
I know that I was put on this earth
but in no way do I think it was by "God"
I believe there is life on other planets
but it won't be found during my lifetime
I cry when something truly effects me
but I haven't cried in many years
I run away from all my problems
but they run twice as fast as me
I want much more than I need
but I need nothing that I want
I feel trapped by my own mind
but my mind is what sets me free
I blindly accept that which is the norm
but I see that there is no such thing
I take my life for granted
but I always live life to the fullest
I never start what I can't finish
but I can't finish without starting
I live to tell my own story
but my story can not yet be told

Thanks for the awesome poem Alex!

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