Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Lifeless Boredom

the dullest of all feelings
staring blankly at the ceiling
looking for something to do
but there isn't the slightest clue
boredom is an affliction
a not so simple contradiction
as if fun had run its course
revealing the initial source
what is it you ask?
this answer we must mask
hidden in the deepest chasm
beneath all other sarcasm
the mind wants something more
a stimulant building rapport
between fun and joyous thought
that which can not be sought
in this present feeling of self
much too high up on the shelf
reaching for nothing but air
time has come to openly declare
nothing is best described with
fables turning themselves into myth
drained of every living movement
anything could have been an improvement
digging out of a bottomless hole
darkening away from the goal
maybe sleep will cure this all
break down the imaginary wall
blocking everything from getting through
increasing the chance for brand new
boredom will be back again
try and handle it better then

My brother Alex is bloody brilliant!  

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