Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Marcel!

So excited that I got the chance to attend a book reading and signing of Marcel the Shell With Shoes On!  Jenny Slate is quite possibly the cutest thing ever, she was wearing an Audrey style dress with Marcel all over it made by a friend of hers, and talking in the "Marcel" voice.  Dean Fleisher-Camp is pretty cute as well with his little circle glasses!  Besides being totally stoked about seeing them and getting a book signed, they announced that there will be another Marcel short debuting Monday and we got a sneak preview!

Not sure what this sign was about...
Such a darling little couple, maybe they will adopt me?
Afterward Robert and I went over the 24 Diner, where the waiters were super excited about their boss being on the newest season on Top Chef and in walks Jenny and Dean!  They even remembered my name and said hello!  And now I sound like a total fangirl, but you would be the same way if you met them too!

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