Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

The Monster Under My Bed

The monster under my bed
has not one, but two heads
he snarls with anger and hate
for he has no one to relate
he stands almost eight feet tall
scratching all night against the wall
sleeping all day when its light
haunting and scaring the rest of the night
his teeth are jagged and rotten
common hygiene he has forgotten
making his breath wreak atrocious
and all that much more ferocious
his eyes are as fierce as could be
maybe its because he has three
his nose is rounded and wide
his hair is long, scraggly and dyed
his toe nails have never been cut
his finger nails have been somewhat
he is the creepiest thing you have seen
his skin is some yellow and green
but what makes him so frightening
is the sound he makes when there's lightning
a screech like nothing you've heard
so loud its almost absurd
I wonder what makes him do this
a monster from the deepest abyss
could he be the one whose scared
covering his ears as the thunder blared
I looked into his eyes with compassion
he looked back in the strangest fashion
one of his eyes focused on me
the other two on the fast falling tree
he grabbed me and saved me from death
as I was still holding my breath
I looked up to see his face
slowly opening my eyes just in case
he glared back at me and he smiled
and said you are most welcome child
I couldn't believe what went down
my life surely had turned around
I thought it was all going to end
instead I have a new monster friend

by Alex


  1. That is fantastic! It reminds me of Shel Silverstein. I think we should illustrate it...

  2. When I was writing it I was thinking in my head that it sounded like a Silverstein poem. If you want to illustrate it that would be so awesome!!!!!!!


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