Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Special


He doesn't know she's gone
but he senses somethings wrong
quivering and cold to the touch
he understands somethings lost
emotions are shown by expression
his face beaming with sadness
those doughy eyes weeping
without tears being spewed
maybe he sees it in us
or possibly can understand himself
this house is now his own
no other to share it with
remember those times they shared
taking walks down the street
sniffing each other just for fun
buddies they must have been
thats what happens over time
spending all that time together
though he missed her better years
back when she would bark at nothing
attack the lifeless dish washer
dribble the ball with her nose
lick the side of the pool for hours
these were her silly quirks
before the dementia set in
when her mind and attitude changed
not that it wasn't comical
just tough to see her that way
he doesn't remember the best of her
yet he had the chance most didn't
getting to know that crazy girl
the best dog in the world

Alex's lovely poem about our dog who just passed away.

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  1. What a fitting tribute to our dear Snickers.


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