Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Join the Fellow Believers

leaves fall slowly from growing trees
wings flap quickly on bumble bees
drink in knowledge at every turn
stress shouldn't be of your concern
worry not what you can't control
be with friends who will console
when trouble stops rearing it's head
wake up with joy and not with dread
change your life and status quo
rise above, never fall below
alter your emotions to feel great
uneasy surroundings is not your fate
approach happy thoughts with simple zeal
choosing the ones that best appeal
to your state on top of cloud 9
galaxies are bound to intertwine
by the time you reach that blissful state
the world won't make you forever wait
gaining ground on the downward hell
cracking you out of that turtle shell
releasing into a flying wonder
of a sky that is being slept under
humans by the billion share in this
thousands more are sure to insist
perception is what makes it all worth
alleviation progressing since your birth
happiness is the easiest emotion
no wonder it causes so much commotion

Fantastic poem Alex!

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  1. Okay, that's my new favorite. Absolutely brilliant!


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