Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Dainty Librarian
There are no books involved
No place where people go to read
she is a special librarian 
one who is trying to succeed
in a place she feels comfortable
being creative to get by
her skill is definitely polished
you can she it in laser cats eyes
check out her totes and shirts
decorated in her own personal way
much like her websites flow
she sells you on the display
appreciate the time put in
starting this business venture
the risk she took on herself
developing this special adventure
her dog isn't real, but stuffed
her cat really shoots laser beams
notice the onesies for sale
and you'll get her humors extremes
her store can be seen worldwide
viewed by those with great style
make sure you get some merch
watching as everybody smiles
at that creation with pizzazz
you can wear as a centenarian
or as a toddler with moxie
created by the dainty librarian

Thanks for the sweet poem brother!

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