Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: Leanne the Aspiring Librarian

What the?

Working at a bookstore allows you to flip through some wonderful books, some terrible books, and some very very strange books. I shelved a book entitled "'Tis in Me Ass" yesterday and I'm still scratching my head. It took about two hours for my laughter to subside. 

I have no idea what the significance of this title is, because the book appears to be a biography. But as it turns out, it can be an answer to many questions.

Q. Do you have Bill O'Reilly's new book?
A. Sure do! 'Tis in me ass!

Q. Can I have a bookmark?
A. Absolutely! 'Tis in me ass!

Q. Boss, I can't find my paycheck.
A. That's because 'tis in me ass.

If anyone can explain how this title makes any sense, I'll give them a cookie (but I have to warn you, 'tis probably in me ass).

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