Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

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How The World Came To Be

walking in circles
is like drifting into space
lost doesn't do justice
to the brains wander
direction has no meaning
up is now parallel
wake up from the dream
pretend there is no reality
time is not substantial
fear never saw existence
few tales of any life
spring up from underneath
this chasm became a hole
where doubt shows no light
freedom is but nothing
danger is a weakness
emotion rejects all comers
like is like a like 
repeated without end
visions run away
faster than spoken word
only heard by past expressions
stay away from this place
it can trap all of them
be open to all theories
they make it sustainable
grasp all of the unknown
learn from past mistakes
failure is accepting without question
how the world came to be

Another great poem by my talented brother, Alex.


  1. Thank you sister. It is my favorite so far.

  2. According to Margiflowr. This is a dark poem. She is crazy. haha


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