Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

There are NO Doughnuts in Hell

There are no doughnuts in hell
if so the world would smell
aroma seeping through the ground
no longer would hell be renowned
fire and death turned jelly filled
the whole place has become chilled
devil now changed from a faux pas
he seemed to help his own cause
by adding glaze to all his land
and creating evils own doughnut brand
hell transformed to the place to be
heavens people tried to beg and plea
to enter the new holy resting
everyone kept on requesting
send me down to the deepest hollow
tell my friends they can follow
as long as I get my powdery pastry
I won't be afraid of all the mystery
of what happens after eating
my guess is not a welcome greeting
but why not be optimistic
it's not like the devil is sadistic
he's what we call a straight shooter
never has he been deaths recruiter
we can come and go as we please
so long as we pay the doughnut fees
what was the cost of one with sprinkles
not that much he said as his eye twinkles
your soul will be what repays your debt
though it's not time, no not just yet
your time will come when you aren't ready
I hope this doesn't make you feel unsteady
sit back and enjoy your final fritter
and pray that the devil becomes a quitter

Another great poem by my talented brother, Alex.


  1. hahaha I love the picture you added sister. :D

  2. That is amazing, but it makes me want a donut and I'm not sure that's what the message is... Either way, love it.

  3. It's ok it totally makes me want donuts as well.


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