Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Special

Poster Child

There were no sirens
but something was wrong
awoken with fear
no chance to think
smashed with emotion
what could this be
it just kept going
no sign of stopping
hour after hour
there was no change
searching and searching
without any luck
what is missing
just a small thing
but oh so important
hope grew bleaker 
with each passing moment
dimmer the light 
that started so bright
where has he gone
the man who was lost
no idea where to look
just driving in circles
around and around
checking all places
that could be a spot
where hope would be found
time was wasted
but not lost
it took me all morning
finally i crossed
paths with this man
who had forsaken me
no recollection
of how he got there
just stories of past
with cloudy details
but that is no concern now
for he must return
to where he came from
for he is quite missed
by the ones who care
to see his smile
tomorrow and beyond

Another fantastic poem from my little brother, Alex.

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