Thursday, August 11, 2011

LaLaLa Loves it!

A couple of months ago when I realized I would be moving soon, I started scouring the internet for DIY ideas.  I wanted my new place to really feel like me and homey.  My favorites folder has grown quite large now, looks like I need to get to work!
This house tour is quite amazing, I think the best style is one that's put together over years.
A painted kitchen mat, such a great way to get what you want.
How to make your own duvet cover.  You've already seen pictures of mine here.
How to cover lampshades with fabric & trim.

Book planters for succulents!  So lovely!

A salvaged sawhorse table, this looks too easy!
This is only half of the links I have in my folder...I better get started soon!

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  1. I think your apartment tops all of these!

  2. Some fantastic finds here. The sitting room is so actually looks lived in too and not just a show room. As another aspiring librarian, I love those book planters...ingenious :)


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