Monday, July 18, 2011

What's the secret?

Whenever I come across someone who says they've been married for several decades I ask them, "what's the secret?"  Most people don't have an answer, some have truly bizarre answers (one woman told me that I need a house with a basement) and then there are a few that seem to hold some truth.  The other day a woman told me she had been married for 57 years and I of course asked her the question, she told me
"Be sexy and romantic."
Pretty interesting coming from an nonagenarian, but I think this one probably holds some truth to it.  What was even funnier is when she told me, "you know, give him kisses and show him love when he comes home" as she threw her arms around me.  I only hope that when I'm her age I'll have half her energy and spark.
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  1. There's something to "be sexy and romantic", but let's be honest, having a basement is much better advice.


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