Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jewelry & Makeup Storage

Jewelry storage is something that I feel like everyone struggles with.  I've never really been an accessory kind of person, but when I finally got my ears pierced a year ago I stumbled into a whole new world of tiny things to clutter my room with.  I'm sure we all have come up with our own ways to sort things, but I thought I would share mine in case your in search of something new.

Sunglasses: I simply took a piece of yarn and tied it around two thumb tacks.  I'm sure there's a prettier way of doing this, but it works for me!

Necklaces: Most of my necklaces are hung on thumb tacks (which I probably need more of).

Rings, Broaches and Dangly Earrings: I found a couple teacups and saucers in my apartment when I moved in. I just stacked them so that the saucer is on top of the cup and it creates a lovely teared display for your heavier items.

Makeup: I keep all my powders and eye shadows in this brilliant Pall Mall tin that I got at an estate sale years ago and my mascara and brushes are in a cute cat mug.

Post Earrings: I don't have it pictured here (because I keep it in my bathroom for some reason) but I keep my small post earrings in a heart shaped ice cube tray.  It works rather perfectly and is super cheap!

I always want to get jewelry displays, especially now that they seem so much more popular and totally cute (I swoon over UO's), but the reality of it is that you can find plenty of things around your apartment that will work just as well and not have to spend much money on it.

Here's a great article from Apartment Therapy about Inexpensive Jewelry Storage that is fantastic and might inspire you to take your tangled necklaces out of that drawer and put them on display!

I'm already thinking of new ways to organize my things!

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