Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Blue Faux-Wayfarers

Sometimes I wish that I never had to get rid of anything in my closet.  I look through old photos and see all those lovely dresses I once owned or that killer gold vest that I never wore enough and think "if only I had held onto it!"  Sunglasses circulate through my life even more frequently (mostly because I tend to buy cheap ones that break).  Upon finding photos of these awesome light blue faux-Wayfarers from 3 years ago I am suddenly missing them ever so much.  I believe I adopted them from my brother (sorry about stealing and breaking them bro!) and wore the hell out of them before one of the sides popped off.  I truly believe that everyone looks good in the Wayfarer style and black ones are so classic that even my Grandma would totally rock them!

What do you think darlings? What clothing items/accessories do you miss dearly?

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