Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in Austin

Finally made it back to Austin today.  After some issues with the plane (had to sit on the runway for an extra half hour after landing) I'm now safely home.  I've got some wonderful pictures to share, but to get things started I'm posting these airplane shots with a quote that I found in an old notebook of mine.  I wish I knew where I found it in the first place. 

At this moment children are being born,
elderly are dying,
harsh words are being spoken,
lingering glances are exchanged over chic cafe tables,
white lies delivered,
fingers glide down bare skin,
wonderful deeds are performed,
purses are left under cinema seats,
worlds are disintegrating like old clay

...and you are fortunate enough to be part of this moment.

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  1. I know it's weird to be commenting on a blog post from 2010, but... that's something my boyfriend wrote on the very first card he ever gave me, 15 years ago. I've put it on the internet here and there a few times and did a search for it today as it's our anniversary. :)


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