Friday, September 24, 2010

Cardboard & Felt on a Rainy Day

My sister and I both got our degrees in Film Production with an emphasis in Production Design, so we were very excited to design and build a Dainty Library set for the store.

Leanne gets started cutting the boxes.

It was raining so hard that day.  We had to carefully time loading and unloading the cardboard boxes from our car as to not get them wet.

Working hard cutting the books.

Working hard on growing a unibrow.

Getting there...

Workin' the jumbo glue stick.

The last piece to the puzzle.

All done!  Weeeeee!

It was a lot of work, mostly a lot of fighting with cardboard, but we finished it after just a couple of days.  Hopefully soon we'll be making some more pieces to accompany it.

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